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Our FAQ's

What makes our NCLEX experience unique? What other NCLEX facts do I need to know?

Yes, we have created a NCLEX learning style, curriculum, and approach that works extremely well with all styles of test delivery. Our foundational approach to content review and test prep will prepare you very well for the NGN, Next Generation NCLEX that begins in 2023. We provide many practical examples and case style question in our tutoring and online courses.

Does our approach work with the NGN that is starting in 2023?

We have tutored 100's of nursing students and have maintained a 99% pass rate!

What is our success like?

Yes, we have worked with nurses and nursing students all over the world. The following are some the countries we have worked with: Canada, United States, UK (England), China, India, Australia, the Philippines and MORE ...

Do we tutor International nurses?

Great question! We are the most affordable and successful NCLEX prep solution today! We are committed to remaining affordable, always!  This is our foundational approach to NCLEX prep: Accessible, affordable & effective. Our approach works, the reviews and stats prove it. IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU! We were are all nursing students once and are aware that student budgets matter! Quality materials, prep and instruction should not cost a fortune. We are not about your pockets, but about YOU PASSING!

Why us? What makes us better?

Currently we have offer live online tutoring. The experience and quality is exceptional and just as effective as in person. As we expand have more local NCLEX tutors and mentors in person tutoring and coaching may be a possibility. 

Do we offer in person tutoring?

Yes we do! We currently offer a 2 day live event. We need a minimum of 10 registrants. We will travel nationwide in the US and provide live NCLEX events. Ask about our incentive to help us with event promotion and organization.

Do we offer live in person events?

Yes, we have a minimum requirement of 10 years of nursing experience to become a tutor here at NCLEX Lingo. The instructors we have on our team, also need to prove a passion for education. Instructors need to demonstrate their knowledge and skills before they facilitate any NCLEX prep. We also provide in house training to ensure quality instruction and delivery.

Are our instructors experienced?

Our office is located here in Lake Nona, of Orlando Florida. We are able to offer large events here in Orlando! Make a vacation of it before our after your studies and come to enjoy what we have to offer here in Orlando. See our event page/services for more details.

We are wiling to travel nationally for events that support our nursing students. As we expand and provide more State specialists you will be able contact local support.

Where are we located?

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