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What They’re Saying About Us

"I highly recommend Curt & NCLEX lingo. Curt’s passion and unique approach to NCLEX prep really sets him apart. He has created a great NCLEX learning experience!"

- R.Y -

"NCLEX Lingo is such an awesome service! The NCLEX is tough…but this program helps break down things down in a learning focused, engaging manner. 99% pass rate of learners is really impressive and speaks to the quality…best prep out there!!!"

- L.H -

"Curt (the mastermind behind this) is a very experienced nurse, is extremely knowledgeable, and most importantly is a great teacher! He not only understands what it takes to succeed, but also knows the level of knowledge and understanding the NCLEX exam demands. 100% recommended for anyone taking the NCLEX. HUGE advantage with this help"

- Dr. F -

"I've known Curt Otterbein for about 2 years. He has encouraged me to continue my studies in nursing and to work hard for my future goals. He is a hardworking, dependable, responsible and knowledgeable professional who has years of experience. He wants to help others who are in the same field he's in and provides help to those in need. Curt will be an asset to any position. I can confidently recommend him for any position or undertaking that he chooses to pursue"

- G.G -

After failing the NCLEX-RN on more than one attempt I knew I needed private tutoring. I found NCLEX LINGO after doing an online Google search and spoke with Curt. It was the best decision I ever made! Curt helped me in areas where I was going wrong in studying and in answering NCLEX style questions. His approach is realistic and it makes sense! He is very knowledgeable in all content areas due to his extensive background in his nursing career. He has written the NCLEX and knows the struggles nurses deal with. I passed the NCLEX exam in 75 questions! My best attempt of all and I couldn't have accomplished this without Curt's assistance. I wholeheartedly recommend LifeSkills Medical Inc. for your NCLEX-RN tutoring needs. I can finally add RN to the end of my name! Thanks again Curt!!"

- R.A -

"Curt is an amazing NCLEX tutor and anyone that is having difficulty preparing for the exam should definitely get in touch with him! I failed the NCLEX once and it really hurt my confidence, and that is when I reached out to Curt! He is extremely knowledgeable about the exam and worked with me to create a schedule that suited my needs and used a teaching style that fitted how I learn material so that it really stuck. His personality is also amazing and all of the private tutor sessions I had with him were always very laid back and relaxed. I definitely would not have been able to regain my confidence and end up being successful if it wasn't for the help of Curt. I 100% recommend him to anyone who is struggling with this exam!"

- D.S -

"I would highly recommend NCLEX LINGO to anyone who is struggling with Nclex. The instructor, Curt, is very knowledgeable and friendly. After failing Nclex, I felt so lost and hopeless.  He not only helped me to succeed in the exam but also guided me to stay strong. I was lucky to have him through this journey. Especially, I really enjoyed 1:1 private tutoring sessions. It was beneficial for me to go over the weak areas and to practice questions with him. After the very first session with him, I felt much more confident that I could do this. I believe NCLEX LINGO has strong strategies to help students and will recommend to my friends".

- J.Y -

"I failed the NCLEX-RN exam twice and I really needed someone to give me personal guidance to ensure my success. It wasn't until doing personal tutoring with NCLEX LINGO that I felt I had an instructor that really catered to my own learning needs and gave me 100% support. After 4 sessions of personal tutoring, I passed the NCLEX exam. Curt did not only strengthen my nursing knowledge but also prepared me mentally prior to taking the exam. It is great to be taught by someone who is passionate about nursing and would go extra mile for their students"

- S.K -

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